Three Unique Rabbits:

I, Sonia Barton am a multifarious crafter. There are few crafts out there that I haven’t tried, like pottery, I should take a pottery class. (squirrel) Like most crafters, I’m addicted to Pinterest (oh so many squirrels). My passion is sewing and teaching others to sew. I love to sew for 3 very special and each very unique rabbits, my little sisters babies. Well, not so little babies anymore…Keegan, Lexi and Olivia. They inspire me to create easy and mom of 3 manageable projects.

In Case you were wondering…I am now divorced…The love of my life, my dog Bo, passed away on February 20, 2017 and my daughter is still wondering the world enjoying life. I have left all the old posts up on the site, because it would be a shame if anyone were to encounter an error message, while clicking on a Pinterest link, because of me.

Modest Eve

Sonia has been sewing since she was 11 years old. Received a degree in Fashion Design. Started a business doing modest wedding gowns. She has also started to do sewing classes and PDF sewing pattern for Beginners.