With the fact that Stephanie wasn’t going to be here again this year, I decided early on in the year that I did not want to be home for my Birthday. She usually makes my birthday cake…with names like Better than sex cake, Death by Chocolate, Extreme chocolate cake… Well you get the picture, I love Chocolate.

So, I booked a two night stay at The Westin Kierland Villas in Scottsdale. We arrived at the hotel very late, because of the 300 mile detour to the Grand Canyon I had chose to take that morning. I had attempted to book a getaway earlier in the summer but they were sold out, so when I booked this time I let them know it was my Birthday. Well that little statement made for a big surprise when I arrived to this:


A wonderful basket full of Chocolate! oh there were some Dr. Peppers in there also but I guess I put them in the fridge before I took the picture. I got my Chocolate fix from a very attentive and responsive manager that goes above and beyond to take care of her Guests! Plus she upgraded my room. This room was bigger than my first apartment in college.

Full Kitchen:


Dining Room:


Living Room w/ pull out sofa:


And Fireplace:



Oh I so love these Heavenly Beds:


Bathroom w/ Jacuzzi tub:


And Westin’s newest pride and joy Heavenly Shower:


Check out the double head shower, man you turn both those puppies on and you are in serious Heaven!

I attempted to relax out in the open:


But my brain doesn’t do well traveling at 55 miles an hour, it goes more like 200 miles an hour. So I called my sister in law and she came over with her 3 little ones and we put on some bathing suits and spend the whole day playing in the pool, tossing the basketball and volleyball and going down the slide. (Sorry no pictures of that, still not comfortable with the bathing suit shots 😉 Yes, yes I’ll take a picture of me in the shower, but I won’t take one in a bathing suit.

And one parting note, If you visit the Kierland, they suggest that you don’t pet the cactus, hahahahaha. Loved it.


So When was your last trip to a Westin?


****This is not a sponsored post. Even Though my nights were free because I work my butt off as a Night Audit clerk at The Westin Desert Willow Villas, in Palm Desert, CA and won the certificate in an employee raffle. Remember my money troubles? Well I spent a total of $25.67 at the Kierland. I’m so glad I went with my gut and Stoke to the Plan!