A friend at work ask me if I would make her family custom Disney shirts.





Photo Fabric Paper (for inkjet printer)

Embroidery Stabilizer

Embroidery Thread

Wonder Under (Applique Webbing)


We found the perfect graphic and cheap on Etsy at:


She is currently moving so her shop is in vacation mode, but she has the best graphics at the most reasonable prices.


You will want to take into consideration the color of your graphics when choosing the color of your T-Shirts. You can also print a test of your graphic.


The first thing you want to do is Embroider your names, When working with knit make sure you get the sturdiest stabilizer you can. I used the medium weight and cut a piece the whole size of my hoop, so there was no shifting. This is the only way I have figured out to not get any of the knit puckering that happens with knit fabric. Also if you have never sewn names on a shirt here is a tip: Start the name just a bit to the side of the center of the shirt. I once did names on shirts and started them where the neck opening ends and some of the names ended up in peoples armpits.


Then Print your image on the Photo Fabric following the directions on the Photo Fabric package. Specially in regards to direction of loading the paper into your printer. There are different types of Fabric I noticed that the Poplin fabric works best with the knit fabric, the Twill fabric package wasn’t as light and weighed the knit down.


The directions tell you to rinse the fabric after the printing is dry, to rinse off excess ink.


Once they are dry you want to iron them to the Wonder Under. The Pellon Heavy-Duty one is the one I always use, some of the cheaper stuff doesn’t stick as well, but I guess you could use the cheaper stuff because in this case you are going to be stitching the fabric down.


Also I don’t cut the image before putting the wonder under on, it just makes it so much easier to cut a square of wonder under than to have to cut the fabric image then trace the image then cut the wonder under image, So much cutting that way. Just cut a square, iron it, and then cut the image out.


You then peel off the Wonder Under backing and iron the graphic to the Shirt.


Then you are going to sew a zig zag stitch all around the graphic. Take some fabric and practice with the different Stitch Widths and Stitch Lengths until you get a stitch you like.


I stitched completely around the image but you can stitch around the different parts, like the hat, the face circle and then the ear circles and so on.


It took awhile to get them all done, but I must say they look pretty good. I might make some for when my daughter gets home from her mission.



Let me know if you have any questions about any part of the process.


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