For Christmas my daughter wanted a large desk. There were plenty of examples on Pinterest! A few referred to components you can purchase at Ikea. I did the research and looked at Ikea and well there was no way I was going to pay almost $300 for a desk.

So I do some more research, can’t be that hard to build a saw horse, well in our case we needed two. I found the easiest way to build a saw horse.

Saw Horse Clamp SM

Saw horse brackets! All you do is cut your wood and place it in the slots, you don’t even have to angle cut!

You wouldn’t guess what I used for a desk top? A Door!

Door SM

You really shouldn’t cut a hollow core door, but I did. And Stephanie glued some edge trim we had in the garage that was just the right width. It was meant to be.

Recap: 1 door, 2 saw horse brackets, 3 2 x 4’s and some nails and paint we already had, Here is Stephanie’s $56 Desk:



She’s happy with her desk, I’m just glad that corner of the room is finally clean 🙂


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