Hi Everyone – Bo here! Yes, I know it’s been a while but there hasn’t been anything exciting going on. Mom sleeps during the day and leaves to work at night. I keep trying to let her know that I’m a hard worker and could help her out a lot if she would just take me with her, but she doesn’t.


She even left me alone for a long time, a nice guy would come in and take me for walks, let me out a few times a day to potty and feed me. I tried to be good and not give the guy much trouble but my stomach had been acting up for a while before mom left and I guess I just couldn’t take it anymore. Every time I would eat, my food wouldn’t stay down. The poor guy came in and had to clean up a few messes.

They guy called mom and mom said that it might be because I was alone and nervous. I do seem to always get sick when mom leaves but this time it was different I really wasn’t feeling good. When mom came back we got to sit and relax for a night before she went back to work. That’s when she realized that my stomach was making lots of noise and I had stinky gas.

She called a few people and the next day she came home with a bag of food that smelled really good. I knew it was for me as soon as she walked in the door. Which was good because I had not been able to keep my food down for a while, I just didn’t want to worry mom so I kept eating it.

Sure enough mom put two scoops into my food bowl and a small amount of water, which turned into some really yummy gravy instantly! I gobbled it all down and wanted more, but mom wouldn’t give me any. This is the first time she has ever measured out my food. So I guess I can have as much of the yucky food as I want but the good stuff she measures out! Doesn’t seem fair.

It is a really good thing that she changed out my food, my stomach doesn’t grumble anymore, no more gas and I keep all my food down. Mom says that the senior bag also has Turmeric which helps with inflammation, also good because my body aches a bit.

She told Stephanie “Like mom like Dog?” Mom has digestive trouble and is on a special diet also. But she now eats all vegetables and for me it was too much grains and vegetables in my food that was making me sick. So I guess she is right. Like mom like Dog!


Thank you Blue Wilderness for making such yummy food, good for my tummy and smells great too!