First of all I have to apologize to all my loyal facebook followers, I’m so sorry that this took me so long. I can bore you with all the things that happened that made the publishing of this pattern impossible until today, but I won’t. I’m just so happy that I can finally say to you “Here is the Boy Apron pattern in 3 sizes that I promised you.”!

I have posted the pattern for Free in my Craftsy store, there are a few reason why I did this, One I’m publishing it without anyone other than me reading it (which means there are probably a ton of mistakes). By publishing on Craftsy two things can happen that wouldn’t otherwise be able to happen, First you can download the pattern instantly! and second when all of you kind ladies email me and tell me all the mistakes in the pattern (please please do tell me) I can then fix them and upload a fixed pattern and you will receive an email telling you that the pattern was changed and then you can go download a new fixed pattern! I love Craftsy for this very reason!!!

So here is the pattern


That’s my youngest nephew – isn’t he the cutest! And here is the link to the pattern on Craftsy. If you run into any problems please feel free to call, text (760-808-5533) or email me (

Thank you all so much for all of your patience.


PS. If you absolutely don’t want to sign up to Craftsy to get the pattern, please email me and I will email it to.

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