Are you looking for a Maxi skirt pattern that you don’t have to do the math or pattern draft in order to sew the skirt. Well you can find it for Free in my Craftsy store.

My sister came to visit a short while back and we made more than a few Maxi skirts. She had tried making one on her own with a tutorial from online, but it didn’t have the detail that it needed for a beginning sewer. So I set out to create a Maxi skirt pattern, that you can just print, cut and sew!

Well I finally finished it, and even included the pattern pieces for an 18″ doll. Visit my Craftsy store with the link above and you have the choice of the size ranges. I made 3 different files because the file was getting really large to include all the sizes in one file. Feel free to download one or all three. I’m now wishing I had thought about the doll before I took the following picture.



**This post includes an affiliate link if you are not a current member of craftsy and you sign up I receive a dollar. If you are a current member I receive the satisfaction of knowing you like my pattern enough to download it. Thank you for your support.

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