I have a bad habit of procrastinating doing things I’ve never done before. People will ask me to do things or I will chose to do something that I’m sure I can do but have never done before. I get exited for the new project and then my perfectionist tendencies and the fear of failure cause me to procrastinate.

My most successful projects have deadlines, well actually the only projects I finish are those with deadlines. And they have to be deadlines that others can hold me accountable for, even if all I did was tell a friend I’m going to finish this by this time.

In order for me to accomplish anything, even washing the dishes. I have to put it on a calendar. If my lists don’t have dates and times, the stuff just doesn’t get done.

So when I put the following on my list “sew infant golf hat”, well lets just say I finished it and put it in the mail days before she gave birth. It had been on a list for over 2 months. In those 2 months I would spend 5 minutes here and there doing internet searches and “learning” reading about the different styles of newsboy caps, fabrics – construction and so on. All procrastination.

I finally put a deadline date on it, well more like the child’s due date put a date on it. Then it became serious and I did a search for an infant size newsboy cap, and nothing. I was even willing to pay for a pattern, still nothing.


We weren’t looking for the cupcake top looking newsboy cap, more like the Golf style fitted newsboy cap. I found several patterns for adult size caps and great tutorial and instructions, but no pattern for the infant size.

That is when things became realĀ and my brain went into overdrive! I realized I was going to have to do it from scratch. I knew I had the resources and the knowledge is the only reason I agreed to do it, but had thought for sure this info is on the internet and it should be easy, Not!

So I got to work, drafted the pattern – feel free to download if you need it – Infant fitted newsboy cap. (You must print in “Actual Size” and chose “Auto Portrait/Landscape”)


Dang, I wasn’t going to create a pattern for this because there was a great sewing tutorial on AboutGoodness.com but I just went to get the URL and there is a notice that the domain is expired.

Going to have to put this post on || Pause. The pattern pieces are available above – full pattern or tutorial coming soon.

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