One day I was building a small Victorian doll house kit I had purchased, when my 3 year old niece walked into the garage and asked me to build a house like that but for Barbie.

Me being me I took that challenge and started building a very large doll house, my wife said that the first one I made wasn’t well planned or proportioned. So I sold that one for $100 bought some more wood and had my wife draw up some schematics.

This one fits the different Barbie room packages perfectly, and Barbie is able to stand on all 3 floors 😉



My wife painted the house:

Set up the rooms:

and then she decided to pull all of her notes together into a pattern:




There is nothing in the world I wouldn’t do for my little Lexi Girl,

but I think I need to be more careful with what I agree to do, hahahaha