I’ve been into crafts all my life, mostly because I would see stuff I couldn’t afford. Most of the time it’s cheaper to make it than it is to buy it. Making it also allows you to put your personality into it. In the early 90’s there was a trend similar to what is going around now, putting pictures on wood blocks. Like the trendy crafter I was I made a few. A couple years later it wasn’t a trend anymore, and I couldn’t seem to get rid of them, because it had pictures that I just couldn’t get rid of. Finally during one move my husband refused to move the heavy box of picture wood blocks. So I went looking for the originals of the pictures that were on the blocks making sure I had the pictures and then, let me husband through them away, I still couldn’t. But there was one picture I just couldn’t find the original to, I carried that thing for 3 moves (husband did 22 year in the US Navy) until finally I was able to afford a flatbed scanner. I scanned my picture and finally the last block went in the trash.

I saw this wonderful video being posted on Pinterest:

So I just had to give this a try, because it was actually a transfer method and not just a decoupage method. There was no way I was going to do it on a wood block. I thought I would give a primed canvas a try. Here are the items you need according to the video:

A few things I learned, make sure that you do a constant layer of the Gloss Gel or else you’ll get streaks. Also do a slight smooth of the paper to the gel, don’t take the brayer and press it down like I did. It makes it harder to separate the paper from the gel when it’s dry.

All in all not to bad:


but I’m going to try a few more, I’m sure with a little practice I can get a really good one.


~Sonia Barton


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