We had scheduled to receive dirt for the Planter box several times, and each time something more important came up. The seeds we had planted were growing out of room in the sprout trays.

So we just had to get dirt in the planter box. Lucky for us, my son came down for Easter weekend, so we took the truck out to the desert found a nice spot and loaded up with dirt. We then bought 20 bags of soil and we mixed it all together.



We couldn’t seem to get the Tomato seeds to sprout – so we just went ahead and picked up some already sprouted. As we were talking to the clerk he said that most people have problems getting Tomato seed to sprout, that made us feel not so dumb.


We got it all finished and now we learn how long it takes to grow – Tomatoes – Cucumbers – Squash – Cilantro and JalapeƱos.

The hopefully next year – we make a bigger box! What have you planted this year or in the past? how did it grow?

~Sonia Barton