We don’t usually make a big deal around here about birthday’s. I’ve always worked full time somewhere even the 10 years I worked from home I had set ‘office hours’ that I answered technical support calls. Working makes it hard to ‘plan a party’. Clean the house, decorate the house, what to each (that in it’s self can drive you crazy big meal, little meal, how many desserts, and what to drink, plates, napkins, cups, forks and spoons).

Because I was so busy the week before – the invitations had to be on the easy side – and there is noting easier than making a facebook event and inviting everyone. Then I decided it was just going to be chips and dips – I asked my sister to make two dips and I made another. I then asked my friend to make some wonderful Alfredo sauce that she makes from scratch and I bought a large bag of meatballs from Costo (they are so delicious!) And I did forget all the paper products so I ran to the 99 cent store 30 minutes before the party.

There were two things I did want to make for the party the first was the number 50 with pictures – I saw it somewhere but can’t find it now to give you the original reference. I still had some shopping to do that morning so I left the task to my son and this is what he came up with:


pretty good!

The second thing I wanted was a cupcake stand, so 6 hours before the party I walked up to my husband and told him to cut 3 circles of wood and 2 dividers – I asked him to put some wood feet on it, but he insisted it looked better with out the feet. He also insisted it needed to be painted and the only color he had was black. So needless to say this cupcake stand is going to get a makeover before its next use.


but he did good!

I made a wonderful Kit Kat cake with Rook No. 17′s recipe it was delicious her recipe was marvelous  Mine was only half the height, because I didn’t leave myself enough time for the cake to cool down I was having problems getting the frosting on. So I decided to apply the kit kats ’tile style’ I put the grout ‘frosting’ on the kit kat and then applied it to the sides ;) it worked.


And because I had not slept since 9 pm the previous day by 10 pm that day I passed out and didn’t wake up until 14 hours later.



I found the 5 before it was time to sing Happy Birthday. I knew I had it!


How do you guys prepare for large parties?


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