My daughters missionary application is being worked on, it should be done by now, but she’s a bit of a procrastinator. I’m a procrastinator also, but sewing a female Missionary wardrobe is not something I want to procrastinate. I remember being in a ward in San Diego, were an adult couple was called to a mission at a History site in Illinois. She had to sew 7 period outfits for her and her husband. There was a week long sewing party for the ward in order to make it happen.

Since I have to figure out my child’s likes, dislikes and find a middle ground. Again there is no way I want to procrastinate this. In the coming months, keep in mind this most all be finished by the first week in June. I will be sewing 10 Skirts, 10 Tops, 2 Jackets and 2 pants. I have started a Pinterest board called ‘Sewing with a Missionary Plan’ I will put in here inspirations to what we have decided to sew. I hope you come back every Thursday to see what I have sewn that week, since I will need to sew more than one item a week in order to complete all 24 pieces in the next 20 weeks.


Feel free to send any inspiration photos or suggestions my way.