Ultimate Blog Party 2012

Hi Everyone. Thank you for dropping by. Here at Three Unique Rabbits you will find all the Hoppenings of a family of artists.

We are a bit on the crazy side, always experimenting with all kinds of stuff. Randy (Dad Rabbit) is a retired Sailor, served 22 years in the US Navy. He now does all the cooking and cleaning around here, and works with all things wood:

Sonia (Mom Rabbit) is a Master Crafter, It just can’t be helped. Sews everything from wedding dress to nursing covers. Teaches sewing and creates PDF sewing patterns for beginners. Mod Podge is the drug of choice, be careful or you might get stuck to a wall.

Stephanie (Bunny Rabbit) is the queen of Unique, in everything she does her personality has to show through. With the attention span of a 5 year old at the age of 20 her Jewelry spans a fast range of styles. From regular beading, to the use of natural products like hemp to her unique wood carved pendants, such as the whale tail:

Sonia has donated a Red/Tan/Black Plaid handmade bag to the UBP prize pool here is a pic incase you were wondering what it looks like:

Make sure to visit 5 minutes for Mom’s Ultimate Blog Post Party to enter to win.


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~Sonia Barton


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