Wood Burning

A long while back Randy took a wood burning class at Joann’s. Which means he had to buy all the cool new toys to experiment and learn a new craft. He worked on a few projects and then like all new things that don’t hold our interest it was set aside.


Stephanie’s Rings

At around the same time Stephanie was working on her rings. She uses a drill press to start the ring process. She has gotten really good at handling this monster!


Wood burned CTR rings

I then had the bright idea of taking Stephanie’s Wood rings and using Randy’s wood burning tools and and burn CTR on the rings!

It took a bit to figure out how to manipulate the small ring, and the hot tool. Luckily I found this handy electrical magnifying tool. I take a very thin lead pencil and draw on the ring, then I place it under the magnifying tool and I’m able to maneuver the hot tool on the small ring.


~Experiment with new crafts, you never know where your talents are hiding!


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