I have no idea how Young Women presidencies would come up with activities for every tuesday for several years, without the internet and pinterest. I’m so glad I never had to find out. Our Young Womens president ran accross this post on Pinterest:

Tutorial from: Chocolate on my Cranium (image links to her post)

It is a great idea to hold the young womens presonal progress stuff, and easier not to forget to bring it with them on Tuesdays. We set up a few sewing machine and had the girls cut the fabric, and sew the straight lines. Many of them had never used a sewing machine so it took a lot longer than we had anticipated.

Also if you plan on doing this make sure that you either cut the rectangles a bit bigger or have the girls double and triple measure, most of them cut it a bit small and then because they were new to sewing sewed bigger seam allowances in some places which made it impossible to get the pen pouch and all three books in place.

This is what we came up with, we also unstitch the ribbon and restitched it on the other end so that it would tie on the right, the girls said it felt weird for it to tie on the left.

It was a great activity, and the first sewing or teaching I had done in months. I’m ready for another sewing project!

~ Sonia

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